How to cutout curved faces?

extrude curved face a.skp (5.7 MB)

I need to extrude this edge, the wall has to be curved in this part, but the problem is that the wall has a curved format too…so what plugin I can use for this? the file is attached.

Adebeo Push Line might do the trick, there are others but this is a stand alone.

Push Line

It’s not exactly clear what you’re asking for here. The post title says ‘extrude curved faces’ while your post says ‘curved edge’. Here’s how I interpreted it:

Extensions used - Eneroth Flatten to Plane and Fredo Joint PushPull

Finished extrusion w/ textures:

Sorry my english, I just want to take off that part you extruded.

how would you do it?

Just extrude the flattened version of your wall (the part you want to remove that is) so that it ‘passes through’ your curved wall. Then select your curved wall face and right-click and choose ‘intersect with model’.

Then erase the top edges and face.

Result (minus the texture so it’s easier to see):

Here it is if you’re still having trouble getting it yourself.
extrude curved face a.skp (6.0 MB)

Fredo Joint Push Pull will let you do this

You don’t need Joint PushPull for this now that you clarified what you were originally wanting. If you make a ‘flat’ version of your wall, you can use the regular PushPull tool to extrude the part you want to intersect, and then delete.

thanks, I change the title now, is this better to understand?