Cookie Cutting Technique?

If there was a complex geometry wall and I wanted to create a straight cut through it with an extruded 2D shape, how can I do that after intersecting faces?

Upload a model before intersecting parts. (The .skp file.)

I don’t really understand what you want to do, from the words.

I want to bore a hole of particular shape through a curved surface.

It’s most basic form.

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What I have has a lot more geometry in the area of the cut. I can’t do the after deletions in so few steps.

Which is why John said this.

Your question is too vague.



Before intersecting the faces, change the edges to smooth&soften


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BillsYoda05.skp (11.5 MB)

Wanted to embed Bills Logo into Yoda. Still having issue.

You aren’t very specific about what you want.

Like this?

Or maybe like this?

The first one except on the front. Then I was going to reattach the detailed logo at the end.

I put it on the back because there didn’t appear to be room on the front.

I used Bool Tools 2 for both of those. If your time has any value at all, the small price for the extension would be easily repaid in time and effort saved.

BillsYoda09.skp (10.2 MB)

I did it manually and grouped and locked outer portion of logo so the red lines helped me outline the border between out and in to delete Yoda’s belly manually. Took time, but inspect tool says it’s fine. That extension will do the job that previous suggestions won’t do? I’m actually curious what smooth edges does. I tried experimenting with it but still ended up with artifacts.

The extension will do things that could otherwise take a whole lot of time to do cleanly. For $29 it’s well worth it.

Softening edges will make surfaces look smoother. I used it on both Yoda and your extruded logo. There are some edges that didn’t get softened because the angle between the face normals was greater than the angle i had set. Having the edges softened doesn’t matter for 3D printing but it makes the model easier to work with in SketchUp. The ‘artifacts’ don’t affect the solid-ness of the object in this case.