Pull push in x y or z direction on a sloped surface

Is there a way to use the push pull tool in a specified x y or z direction? I have a rectangle drawn on a sloped solid and want to extrude the shape in the x direction so that it passes through the solid and not perpendicular to the sloped surface. Hope that makes sense!

Not with Push/Pull but you could use Vector Push/Pull which is part of Fredo’s Joint Push/Pull Interactive extension.

Thanks DaveR that worked very well. Interestingly I can change for example the radius of the circle on the sloped face but not the radius on the projected face. Any reason?

That’s normal and basics of geometry. Once you’ve extruded the circle that way, the projected face is not a circle. It’s a curve, elliptical and no longer has a radius.

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My Bad! thanks for the clarification.

To become a proficient modeler, master SketchUp’s native tools and Inference Locking.
Resorting to plugins won’t help you learn.


Thanks Geo for the advice. Makes perfect sense.

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