Extruding(Pushing) up to a surface

I am trying to Push a surface until it meets the next surface. Sort of like a loft or a projection, and I am not sure where I find the command or if this is even implemented. I am using the free web version.
and sorry if this was asked before but I’m not just trying to do it on curved faces, it would be nice for even flat surfaces to quickly merge.
Edit: forgot to add the images


The procedure would be to use Push/Pull on the face and push it through the side of the cylinder. Then select the geometry, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Model or With Selection. Then erase the stuff you don’t need.

Are you wanting to extruded the entire long rectangle or just the half beyond the dividing line drawn across the middle?

If there’s more to your model than just a cylinder and a couple of rectangles, show us what you are really working with.


It help to understand what the geometry is made of, edges and faces. So it is possible to create things using the underlying structure.

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Thank you for the very quick reply! This was the answer I was looking for, and for your follow-up question;
The whole rectangle, I didn’t have a center based rectangle, so I drew a center line. Probably not very efficient but it helps me keep track of my dimensions. I am trying to figure out the basics, right now so it really is just that. I come from soildworks and I’m having this learning curve like just typing in the numbers, and trying to align my circles on the right axis faces. And it took me awhile to figure out how to hide entities. Also changing dimensions is kind of tough for me, so this is all preliminary. My brother asked me to make him a model that he could 3d print and I lost my solidworks subscription.

You’re quite welcome.

If you want to extrude the whole rectangle, delete that midline first. Otherwise that edge divides the face into two rectangles.

Box showed another way to potentially do what you want. Another would be to draw an inverted keyhole shape with a circle and rectangle and then use Push/Pull to make the whole thing 3D.

It’ll come with practice. The key thing is not to try making it behave like Solidworks.

Okay, maybe I am just over complicating it lol… Thanks for the tips, I will post it when its finished!

Maybe. You wouldn’t be the first. Or maybe the thing you are really trying to model is just more complicated.