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Glyndale Floorplan working copy.skp (136.7 KB)
Very new and i am looking for ideas on how i could have made it easier to make the small gable end that is between the 2 roof lines. It was the last thing i did and it look me 4 hours because i could not get the faces to form. I know that there has to be a better way than what i was doing. I had all the walls created and the roof and had to work my way between them. Makes me need a drink…

Also is it normal that the gable wall lines show up through the roof? Looks ugly.

Thanks in advanced.


I don’t quite understand where the problem came in. In general it looks like a pretty straightforward roof. Are the pitches correct?

Well, the wall would show through the roof since the roof has no thickness.


It was so difficult to get to the gable between the roofs. This is my first model ever…
I made it part of the outside walls and the roof was in the way. I couldn’t delete the roof because i needed to see where to stop the walls. I know its a very difficult question to answer, because i dont even know how to ask it. other than ask how anyone else would go about building the small gable. I understand now about the roof thickness.


For those who come along later, the easy way to build the simple roof is to start with a large sort of block and whittle away what you don’t need with Push/Pull. Add details like the overhangs on the ends the same way. Remember you can use the Protractor tool to help establish the slope of the roof. You can enter the slope as an angle or you can enter it as a pitch such as 3:12.

Good luck with the project. I hope you can make the deadline.


Another way you could have done this was to create two groups or components and then use Solid Tools to trim. You would start by making a box to represent your walls way taller than you need. Group it. Then create your roof complete with eaves and verge overhangs. Group that. Assuming the roof group is in its correct position above the wall group, choose trim from Solid Tools and select the roof as the trimming group and then the wall group. If you then open the wall group you can delete the trimmed bits you don’t need.

Doing it this way means you can create the wall group in moments, concentrate on the more detailed roof group, and then do a simple operation to “mould” the wall group to suit the roof group.


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