Creating a gable for 1 & half height house

Hi there, can anyone help?
I’ve made a floor plan for the first floor of my house but would like to now build the roof / gable. Not having any joy! Has anyone out there got a suggestion?
Ive included the floor plan & an old image of roughly how it should look.
Many thanks

1st floor -atempt.skp (197.7 KB)

Have you looked at any of the getting started videos?
Firstly all your faces are reversed.
And you need to understand about grouping.

Here is one way to create a roof.


Sorry I checked a couple of vids but didn’t have the patients - had to just get stuck in. Its a bad character trait. I suppose I should just start again.
I just wanted to get a feel for the layout, nothing too critical

Window → Instructor

The instructor gives a brief tutorial on the active tool.

For a gable roof, you’ll want to know the line tool and extrude tool really well. In fact, it’s probably possible to model it with only those two tools. You might need the eraser tool too.

See this series of videos by Aidan Chopra.

Creating eaves for buildings with pitched roofs

Constructing gabled roofs

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Thanks everyone!

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