CAD file, missing faces, need to separate roof from a side of building, add faces, etc

front exterior face.skp (1.0 MB)

Hello, (newbie here)

So Ive done a tutorial on importing CAD and just a brief lesson on making faces.
Have been trying to read as much as possible but not getting far.

I thought it would be simple to make faces and do push/pull to get the shape of the front and subsequently practice applying materials.
However, need help with:

1 Transparent faces

2 Cutting the roof from the left side of the home where this is a single window on the face (this wall needs pushed back) but cant finish its line and do so until I cut the roof away from it.

3 4 Far left building does not have a complete face and cant seem to make it one

5 Where there are no faces, how best to fill in when there are windows in the middle of the wall.

6 In trying to draw lines to make a face, often the line disappears and wont draw the edges

7 How could I have approached this better?

  1. What would be the easiest way to group all glass panes as one, all grills as one, etc?

9, How to complete the porch posts, etc. Not sure how to tackle the interior shapes?

Thank you for any feedback.

  1. Draw the model in SU from scratch using the CAD file as a reference.

More often than not, that is a result of sloppy ACAD drafting. Rather than try to inspect every corner intersection, you are better off modeling from scratch. Then you know it is correct.

I once did a remodel and got the ACAD files from the original architect. They were a complete mess…open and overlapped corners non co-planer, all walls drawn and dimensioned to a 6” thickness, etc. I spent more time messing with their files than the time it took me to model it from scratch.

I’ve hit the same sort of things in pdf drawings. Many pdf editors support free-form drawing without snaps at corners etc, and line width and corner rendering create the illusion that lines meet there whereas the line centers (which is what SketchUp imports) do not meet.