CAD Clean Up & Making Faces

hi I am working through the lessons and I am on intermediate level doing cad clean up and making faces . When i run the line clean up and making faces on my CAD drawing only part of the faces fills in has any one else had the same problem

You’ll really need to share pictures, or preferably the model itself for people to give you a good answer. It’s hard to say without being able to poke around at it.

Ok thanks for that will try later

Any luck?

No have been able to change anything , so I have decided to start all over again

do you know the cousre that i working on its part of sketchup learning ?

Yeah I did it

Can you share the SKP?

how do i do that ?

Save the model, navigate to Documents then drag and drop the .skp file to the forum. If the file’s too big, upload to Google Drive/Dropbox and share a link.

I actually don’t have computer access until Monday but someone else here should be able to help. If not, I can try without seeing the model.