My school project

Hello guys, I am a high-school student. For a big project that we do for 2 months we have to do a ‘‘personal project’’. Basically we have to talk and write about something we love. I made this house. My teacher told me to show it to someone that knows architecture. if not I am not getting a decent grade. I can leave a grade form 1- 10 and make a constructive commentary. This I my first big project in Sketch-Up. thank you for your kindness. I would the file is too big to upload it so you can email me at I would really appreciate you help.

Maybe you could post screenshots of it directly in the thread to start a discussion.

That’s an impressive, big model.

The first thing you should do is correct the face orientation. all of the blue faces need to be reversed.

Are you looking for advice about the architecture, the SketchUp modeling, or both?

I need you to rate it. I would like to take criticism from both ways.

OK. I’m not an architect, so I’ll stay away from that side!

Regarding use of SketchUp, overall it appears pretty nice. There are a few obvious things we can comment on in the images. Dave mentioned the reversed faces. There are also places where you need to add edges where the roof surfaces meet other objects. Depending on how you created the roof and other parts, that might involve just the line tool or it might need Intersect Faces with…

Sharp-eyed readers may spot some more similar or other issues. But unless you can share the model, we can’t determine many other things such as whether you are using SketchUp’s groups, components, and layers appropriately. You say it is too large to upload directly here (limit 3MB), but you might load it to the 3D Warehouse or another file sharing site and provide a link here.

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