Please Help ASAP! School project glitched out and I cant fix it

Im creating a house for a school project and part of my roof glitched out. It wont allow me to undo it or fix it. If anyone has any suggestion on how to fix it I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

I’m sorry but ‘Glitched out’ doesn’t give us anything to go on. Please try to explain what happened, show images or even better attach your model and images.
You can use the Download option in the web version to download to your computer then drag and drop that into a reply window.

Heres a link to the project let me know if it works if not.

No, it is locked.

Im on my school chrome book I tryed downloading it like you said but its telling me that the file is to big to open. Give about 10 minutes ill see if i can send it to you on my desktop. Thank so much for for your patience.

If it is too big to upload the desktop won’t make a difference.
You just need to make the drive one accessible.

How do I make it accessible?

Should I try exporting it?

I have sent an access request.

It wont allow me to give access unless its from another school account hopefully this photo helps. The edge of the roof is glitched out.

Have you tried purging it entirely and resaving it to reduce the file size?

you can also download it and share using
no real file limits

i used the link to send it. I hope it works this time

okay, you sent it to “Box” then I’m guessing - you can paste it here too

Thats the problem though lol. I cant send it through this website.

when i try to it says that the file is too big

have you tried downloaing it with wetransfer? purge the model first !

It lets me send it through wetransfer but I dont know your email so i cant send it to u, i need an email to send it to.

i had boxs so i sent it to him