One of my first houses



This is one of the first houses i made with sketchup. What do you think? What should i do different next time?
Thank you for all anwers. :smiley:


Welcome to the forums! Without taking a closer look at the model it is difficult to make any recommendations. can you post it somewhere so I can take a closer look?

I am also curious, what sort of advise are you looking for? Don’t be afraid to ask questions on how to do something, people use SketchUp in all sorts of different ways and odds are someone will have some tips for you.


Thank you @C13229 ! I dont know where to post it though. I tried to post more pictures but since I’m new they would’nt let me post more pictures. I’m actually just looking for some feedback on how it looks from someone elses point of view, and maybe you would have some ideas that you would have done differently. This is just a hobby, and I’m always looking for ways to improve myself :smiley:
Thanks again!


Models (specifically, the skp file) can be attached the same way as an image. There is a size limit on uploads but I personally have yet to run into it.

For a critique of your model, from the images you have posted, it looks pretty good. The proportions on the front side of the house look a little bit off to me, it might just be the way the camera is positioned though. It is always important to keep scale in mind. The deck on the front seems like it is missing a support. The back deck seems to lack any supports under it. I also noticed that you don’t really have a lot of landscaping in your model. While it is really a matter of preference, adding some plants can make the model look a little more “alive.”


Thanks again @C13229 !
I will post the skp file now here. When you say it i actually see what you are talking about when it comes to the supports under the decks. Do you have any tips or something to make some supporting “pillars”? I litteraly cant think of any support to the deck that could look decent.

moderne hus 1.skp (2.7 MB)


Thanks for posting the file. I took a look at it and noticed that many of your lines are slightly off from lining up to be truly straight. This can become a major issue if you need to edit something later. I also noticed that you are not using layers. It is not a big deal on smaller models but if you move on to more complex models or models with a lot of detail, it can be a problem.

As for supports for the deck I took a a shot at making a few and saw what you meant about it not looking very good. That’s when I had the idea to try adding some plants to take the focus off the pillar. While its not a perfect solution, I think it looks okay as a temporary fix until a better idea comes along.

All things said, it is a solid first model. Keep practicing, keep asking questions and keep learning! I look forward to seeing your future models.


Thanks @C13229! The supporters you made didnt seem as bad as i thought. I’m looking forward to make more models and post them, after seeing how helpful people can be. When it comes to the layers, I have not yet got to look at that, do you have any tips or tutorial videos on youtube or something that can help get me started?

Again thank you for your reply, it means a lot! :smiley:


@AndersenIA: Applying layers is certainly the way to go. But don’t apply them on ungrouped geometry, only on groups and components. Ungrouped entities should “remain” on Layer0 at all times. I noticed that you don’t use groups yet, only on (probably downloaded) furniture. If you want to get your model organized, you’ll have to group geometry. Think of a group for the first floor, the concrete slab. And the pool is another group. etc. Then assign a new layer to each of the separate groups. A group can have only one layer assigned to it. Different groups and components can have the same layer assigned to them.
Read about layers in SketchUp.


Alright, thank you! I will definitely check out how to use layers and components properly!