Critique my work?

I’m looking for feedback on things I could do better with my first attempt at a sketchup model. I was hoping people could give me some feedback. The model is a house I randomly put together.

I uploaded my work, and appear to have gotten 45 or so views. I’m not sure if that’s average or not. On the up side, it appears that 35% of those who viewed my model downloaded it?

Thanks for any advice

I didn’t take the time (yet) to review the entire model, but two things jump out at me right away:

  • You’ve scattered your raw geometry across several different layers. That’s extremely poor practice, and the problems it creates are more than theoretical. Expect strange manifestations. Read this: Does SketchUp support layers?

  • You have positioned your dimensions really oddly. They should be aligned with adjacent dimensions, and they should be placed neither unnecessarily far away from the geometry they describe nor right on top of it (you have done both).

    Why is the whole row of dimensions across the bottom placed right in front of the foundation? They could easily be moved down below the foundation, making both more legible.

Are you looking for strokes or in learning the ins and outs of SketchUp? If the latter, you should put yourself through an intensive self-training program using the tutorial videos and written materials linked to the Help menu.

It may be unrealistic to expect very much useful, in-depth critical feedback on a Help forum obtained just by dumping a whole model with a casual “Whadya think?” We do much better here when you ask a specific question that can be answered in a paragraph or two. Please don’t make us work too hard figuring out the question or the extra effort might come off the response.


I am to new at this to be a judge or a critic, anything I see is more in lines of a question. Why or it purpose ~ With all layers on it appears certain layers of geometry where left on the ground plane: Framing and Bonus Space block other geometry. As the stair case and hand rail end above the beginning of the second story?? As linear dimensions are left on the default layer (0) they carry through all the scenes and make the exterior look scratchy. Noticed there are no interior door ways? It is obvious you spent a lot of time to produce an excellent exterior of a home. Scenes and layers will help extenuate, improve and add quality to your model, as well as diminish it.
What was explained to me was how you set up and organize each SCENE to establish a progression or flow. Including which layers to be activate and when. I give you an up`s for having the balls to throw it out like that. As some of these guys are tough!! I also dont know what your / its end results are to be applied to. A hobby or professional applications carry different weights, but like my work it shows were I need help and practice.

I say thanks because it helps me see things to avoid or incorporate and the advise. Or others inputs are valuable. I would try and restructure the order and item visibilities of / in your scenes. And hey… it is a start!!!

Having 45 views in like two years I thought something must be obviously wrong with the whole model. It’s probably not the prettiest of houses for one.

Concerning layers, I used AutoCAD before Sketchup, and used layers as if they were roughly analogous between the two. I definitely had problems with adding something to an object in the wrong layer causing problems, but by in large they work as I’ve come to expect with AutoCAD. I can turn on and off parts of the model to see interior space/framing/foundation etc without having to use alternative methods. I will definitely review my use of layers to do it the Sketchup way if I can get the same functionality.

That sounds like a bad, not to mention illogical, approach. SU layers aren’t designed to function the same way as Acad layers, and they don’t.


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i suggest you delete all layers except Layer 0. You will be asked what to do with objects on deleted layers and you should choose to have them placed on the default layer (Layer 0). Evaluate assigned groups and components. You can then use the Entity Info dialog box to reassign any (or all) groups or components to the layer of your choice. Note that any faces or edges that are not part of a group or component (raw geometry) should be on Layer 0.

After completing this process, purge your model by clicking Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused. Save the file. Now your model will be of optimum size.

I will refrain from offering a critique of the model