House Plan Forum for Sketchup?


I just finished a rough draft of my house plan with sketchup. I would like to upload the file somewhere and get some feedback on my basic design. Suggestions?


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You could use the Gallery category.


I’d be careful when asking for feedback. Wherever you post it, be specific about what you’re asking people to comment on. Is it the layout? Aesthetic? Livability? Architectural elements? Draftsmanship? As someone who has not only designed my own house and other spaces, I’ve also made my living as a music producer for 35 years. I don’t ask just anyone for their opinion on my work–that can be painful, and often completely misleading and irrelevant. I only ask those I know and respect. Otherwise, I’m throwing myself to the wolves --to people who don’t necessarily understand what I’m trying to create or why.


Also, make sure you tell people what country you are in at least as planning and technical issues will vary a lot from place to place.