Need help with SketchUp construction drawings

Hi.New to this forum. I’m wondering if this is the place that I could get help with modeling a home and doing construction drawings. Or are there YouTube videos or other tutorials that I could find that would be helpful. Thanks everyone!

The first place to start learning is SketchUp Campus.

YouTube is also a great place to learn, but start with Campus!

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Thank you KyleB!
I’ve been using Sketchup for a bit now, so I am familiar. I think I should have worded my email differently.
I guess I need more of a “life line” when I’m in trouble or get stuck.

life lines R us! There are many of us on the forum who are here to help if you run into a problem you can’t figure out. Just be sure to describe the issue as clearly and succinctly as you can and whenever possible upload a skp file that shows what you are dealing with.


Another good spot to check out The SketchUp YouTube Channel. Also there is a video on framing a house and another about framing a roof.

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Hi - First thank you all for the responses!
Im working on a 2d floor plan purely from measurements. This is what will be expected of me in the job I’ve been asked to do. Something similar to this…

First, is this crazy to even attempt in SketchUp?
Second, Im already having trouble replicating a bay window. Not getting the angles right it seems.
Thank you!

No it is not crazy to do this with SketchUp.

Check the lavatory in the powder room. It looks like the door is in interference with it.

As for the bay window, see this image exported from a model of my house.

This is just a simple model to ensure that all our furniture would fit.

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thank you. The above is actually the floor plan of a house that is already built.
Yes, the bathroom layout is bad :slight_smile:
I think I have the bay window worked out now. Have the angles right
But now I’ve forgotten to group and have exterior and interior walls on same group. how do I ungroup?

Right click on the group to bring up a contextual menu and then choose Explode in the menu.

Or copy this common group, then edit and remove the inner walls in the first one and the outer/bearing walls in the second. I would place the toilet under the stairs next to the foyer and the door to it should open outwards. An office visitor does not have to “visit” the house.

FAIK where I live it’s not even allowed to have the door opening inwards in such a small room. How to open the door in case of an emergency with the person on the floor on the inside.

If the walls allow it, you may even use a sliding door.

Why not just combine the Laundry, Powder room together, generally having the WC door off the kitchen space would be considered undesirable / unhygienic anyway

Apart from an emergency, think about comfort. Try to open that door while inside, and think about overweight people.

That’s why I wrote about the toilet next to the hall. In the laundry, “these aromas” are not desirable. Although the justification for the immediate proximity of the toilet bowl and the washing machine for someone who has a problem with making time, of course exists. :smiley:

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This does not prevent you from at least changing the side of the door opening. Often frames and doors are universal.

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Michael Brightman tutored me on using Layout for construction drawings maybe 12 years ago and I’ve done scores of new houses and Remodeling’s ever since with SketchUp and Layout. I’m an architect specializing in residential architecture for 50 years.

Check out Workflow for Architects at this website:

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You also might want to take a look at the Medeek Design SketchUp extensions and YouTube videos.

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Thank you! This might be exactly what I need!

Just by first glance this looks to be extremely helpful! Thank you!