Looking for help in Sketchup

Hi, I’m rather new to sketchup. I’m in the progress of drawing our new house in SketchUp. I have a base. But there are a few things which I’m not able to get right. Because of that I’m looking for someone that would be willing to take a look at it together with me and show me how to do it. Otherwise I’ll never manage to finish it.

I followed a few tutorials. But of course they don’t explain what I need. And I also don’t have the time to go through all of them.

I live in Belgium so someone from here would be great. If not we’ll have to see how we can do it remotely. If you want I’m prepared to compensate your hours.


Well, why not tell us exactly what you need? We can either furnish the answer or point you at the right resource. The more specific your description of your problem, the better the help you will receive.


Gully, Thank you for answering. If it were a simple problem I would do that. The problem is that it is impossible to explain in written words what I want to do because it is too specific. Because of that I’m looking for someone that can follow along. Then it will take just a minute to show what the problem is.

Why don’t you give it a try anyway. Explaining the “specific” is much easier than explaining the “general”. Besides, there are quite a few experts on this forum and I think it would be difficult to stump them. I might even be able to help you myself - I am in the business of Architectural Modeling and Construction Drawing Preparation.

I would suggest you try You-Tube videos.
Try searching for “Aidan Chopra” or “SketchUp for Dummies”. And you could buy the book too; it is well written and easy to follow.
Aidan is a pro at explaining and demonstrating things. He has been a part of the SketchUp team since its inception.

Happy to try and help you out for free over skype if I have some time. Drop me a private message with your skype or google+ handle.

Wat is er zo specifiek aan je SketchUp-probleem dat je het niet onder worden kan brengen?
Heb je SU Make of Pro? Gebruik je Layout? Gaat het om bouwtekeningen? Gooi het eruit man, er is hiet expertise genoeg om je (deel-)problemen met SketchUp op te lossen.

p.s. ik heb 26+ jaren als zelfstandig bouwkundig constructeur (ZZP-er) gerekend en getekend en ken het programma wel een beetje. Woonachtig in je buurland.
Wat zijn de problemen? Spit it out man.

I’d be more than willing to connect via skype, google hangouts, etc. to help you out.

I have some sketchup tutorials at www.designerhacks.com/sketchup that might help in the meantime.

Some other great places that haven’t yet been mentioned are: