Need sketchup drawings of my projects



Sorry in advance if my post is against regulations or if it is misplaced.

I’m very new to sketchup and thought i could easily learn to nail the program. It IS a great program and i will use a lot of time in the future working with it.

my question is as followed:

I have 13-18 2D model drawings of “carports” i need some one who can draw them in sketchup 3D and use the right dimension and spacing that i want it to be. I will provide the front view drawings as well as the carport seen from above with the right messurements and all.

It will take me way to long if I should do it my self.

Is anybody up for the job? How much will it cost?` (I need the SketchUp drawings with the rights to edit them in the future.

Please contact me at my mail:

Hope its okey to ask in here.

Kind Regards

Mickey Brown


Im thinking something like this:
example of carport

Hope to hear from you



your link is broken [did you mean to link this?][1]
post one of your 2d models and you may get a more productive response…