Help Creating A SketchUp Model

I have created a Libre Office document for a shed that I want to build under my existing decks/sunroom. I have obtained a building permit based on this document. I would like to create a SketchUp model for this. I have been learning SketchUp and trying to create this model but I am having some issues because of my learning curve. I am willing to pay someone to help me complete this so I can begin construction. If you have time to help please let me know.

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I didn’t send any PM so no one needs to check! :wink:



Will be happy to work with you to create a SketchUp model of the shed you plan on building. My guess is that your design must already be both correct … and complete … or the local jurisdiction would not have issued you a building permit. Regardless, all this does beg the question: How do you intend to use a SketchUp model of your yet-to-be-built shed? I ask because your intentions impact how the model is organized … and how much detail is included in the model. Will send you a PM with my contact info. Give me a call if you would like to get started on the SketchUp model.

Hello Ernest, thank you for your note, I appreciate your time, I have already connected with someone on the forum. I will keep
you in mind for my next project. Take care, Paul