Help with a new build

Hi Everyone,

Neighbours are building a new house next to mine and they have shared their plans with me. I’m a little freaked out about how big it appears to be…maybe I’m overracting, not sure.

A friend told me about SketchUp, it looks completely awesome, but I don’t have the time to learn it.

Is there anyone out there that could take my site plan and elevations and my neighbour’s site plan and elevations and show me what it would look like? Our lots are the same size, if that helps.

I’m willing to pay of the work.

Hey JL,

Sent you a private message!

I sent you a private email earlier today

Why’d @trish14’s post get flagged?

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Just a guess: Her profile says she’s using SketchUp Free while offering commercial service. It wasn’t me - it happens so often that I’ve given up on flagging them!

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sjdorst’s answer is likely correct. garry_j appears to be in the same category as trish14. According to their profiles they aren’t qualified to be offering their services. Both “trish14” and “garry_j” are repeat offenders here.

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Ah okay. Don’t usually click on them unless I need to si I didn’t realise.
Thanks @daver and @sjdorst

I didn’t notice that. +1