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Don’t know if anyone here is interested, or can help. I have been asked if I would like to undertake doing detailed drawings for UK building regulations for converting a lovely redundant Victorian building into 8 flats over 4 floors. I think it is a terrific project to do but I think I will struggle with my SketchUp and Layout skill level. I have seen some lovely work here on the gallery which is of the standards I would like to produce. I believe I am 75% capable of doing it though I would be more confident if I had either a mentor on call who could guide me, or another professional who could teach me and fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I could draw this in 2D but I have been inspired by what I have seen from Nick Sonder and so impressed by the ability of doing full working and contractor issue/applicable drawings in Layout with good explanatory details. Project time is over the next 3 months. For me it would be steep learning curve, probably slightly more than I should take on at this stage of my development but I like the project and would like to give it a go if possible. Any takers?





That sounds like a big job. Could be a lot of fun.

Is this a volunteer project? If not, make sure whomever you are hiring to work with you has a Pro license.


Hi Dave. No this is not a volunteer project. Yes anyone who is interested must have a Pro License.It would be advantageous if that person knew UK building regulations as I am out of touch and things have developed since I did them but that may not be essential as I can study and revise my knowledge. Ideally I would like to develop a working relationship with someone who can teach me SketchUp methodology on the job and if they are brilliant at Building Regulations so much the better. In an ideal world I would like to use this as an example of how working drawings should be done and the time allowed affords this opportunity.I am hoping to use this little job as training and want to come to Base Camp later this year if possible.


I agree that knowing the UK building regs will be a huge help in your project. It’s nice that you’ve got a reasonable time window.

The SketchUp and LayOut methodology I’ve got but not the UK building regs so I probably won’t be your guy.


You have given been so helpful to me in the past I wish you could be! Who knows some of the intricate stone carvings and mouldings on the facade may still need your modelling skills! Whilst not absolutely essential, it would be a criminal not to model them I think they capture the essence of Victorian extravagance - that is partly what attracts me to project.


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