I need someone to please help me with one of my assignments for university. It is to a do a 3D model on sketchup free using a house plan

Please WhatsApp me on 0720620229.

Please share the skp model file of what you have created so far.
And then you may want to ask specific questions about where you got stuck.

The purpose of your assignment is to get you to learn SketchUp. You can start with the free courses at learn.sketchup.com and the videos at the SketchUp YouTube channel.


Good day,
Is there no way you could do it for me please? I haven’t started as I need good marks. I just don’t know what to do.

Please let me know.

I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards

well the purpose of an exercice is to learn. Since you don’t know what to do, I advise using the link Anssi provided - learn.sketchup.com - as well as the sketchup youtube account

here is a tip :

  • draw the 2d plan
  • make it 3d with pushpull
  • draw and drill the openings
  • draw the additional elements, place them

here you go. fair winds to you :slight_smile:


No, there is no way I could do this for you, that wouldn’t feel right and would only “help” you for now. It would be cheating. You need to at least start and show us what you created. From there you can ask specific questions to get specific answers.
It is not my assignment but yours and for you to learn SketchUp.

Are you having problems understanding SketchUp or is it the assignment itself or both?


Thank u :pray:t3:

If you watch few tutorials of YouTube you could do that in few minutes.

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well no, if you’re starting from zero, with help centre and tutoriels, we’re talking several hours.

the first time.

then a bit fewer the second time. and the third, and fourth…

3D modelling takes time. the longer you practice, the less time it takes. but still, it takes time.
The best moment to start the assignment was on the day it was given. the second best moment is 10 min ago. regardless of when you start at it, it’ll take time.


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