I need help! Please

I have no idea how to use sketchup and I’ve been trying to create my design for a university project for almost 2 weeks.
I need it done quickly and would be willing to be pay someone to create it for me.
It will be a dairy cow housing facility and I am able to provide all the details and dimensions


I can help.

I have sent you a PM.


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Please be aware that paid work cannot be done using Sketchup Free.

It may be to do with how you’ve worded your request but it could look like you are asking someone to do your homework for you to save you having to actually learn anything. Requests of that sort here tend to be ignored. But help with doing specific things within an overall task is another matter.


enough time to ask some questions here?

If you provide the forum with your attempt(s) to date, you might receive some advice on how to proceed.

These are difficult times for instructors as well as students.
You might try asking your instructor for more time to complete your project.
Offering to pay others to do your schoolwork most certainly violates the academic honesty policy of any university.

Here’s a list of SketchUp Learning Resources that will ease the learning curve.
SketchUp Learning Resources.pdf (148.2 KB)

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