Model Framing help

So I got to do a model framing and I need help and also be willing to pay if you guys help me. I have the sizes and everything just need someone to make it for me. please let me know if you can help. Here is my email for more information thanks I would really appreciate.

Framing_Model_Sp20.pdf (4.1 MB)

Does this mean you want to pay someone to do your school work?


I mean yeah I really don’t have experience with sketch up

The point of your school assignment is probably that you should learn to use SketchUp.

If you pay someone to do your work the result is that you haven’t learned anything and most probably your school will fire you.


I would also recommend putting in the time to learn SketchUp and completing the assignment yourself. We’ve all been stressed with impending deadlines but investing the time to learn SketchUp now will definitely pay off. SketchUp Campus is a great place to start if you are looking to gain a strong foundation in SketchUp modeling.

Alternatively, you might want to check out our YouTube channel which is a great resource if you are pressed for time and are looking for quick tips on specific functions or workflows.

Good luck with your project! Let us know if you need modeling advice or help with a specific aspect of working with SketchUp.