Need help for a project (

Hello SketchUp-Users,

I´m in despairing need of help for my school project. I`m in the 11th grade in a german school, and we are supposed to expand our school building with new classrooms and a new gym. Circumstances and guidelines are already given! If anybody has an interest in earning some extra money and has the knowledge to use SketchUp Make properly, contact me under the following e-mail address: .

Thanks for reading and to take it into consideration!!!

So your task is to find people to do your homework? You should change your school in this case…


You can get advice for free here. I would recommend sharing the work you have done so far and asking for specific help. If you have not started using SketchUp at all yet, then I would recommend checking out our training videos HERE.

No, because we are supposed to find help… Forgot to mention thaz…

Thanks, I really appreciate your advice !