Need help with a basic project and learning sketchup



Hello,I’m fairly new with sketchup, I entered on sketchup because I have a project to do so I needed someone to help me with it, thank you very much.:slightly_smiling_face:


Have you looked at the Getting Started videos and the other tutorials that are available?

What is your “basic project”?


I saw some videos and I know the basic tools, the project is a desk but with other features


Show us what you have already and ask questions. Or, if you would rather hire someone to help you directly, you can do that.


Well, I only have a drawing of it in 2d


But I have no money to pay to hire someone


Spend some time watching the tutorials while you follow along so you can learn how to use the tools. Make simple models to get familiar with the tools and then start on your desk. As questions as you go along.