I need a help

Hi, my name is Ante. Im 15 years old from Croatia, also im new

As you can see im destroyinh geometry when I delete the line.

Ps- if u you want to help me and cant see a photo just reply me

Better would be to upload your SketchUp model to see how you have it set up and give you specific help.

When uploading, wait until it completes before clicking the reply button. Your image didn’t come through.

I did that.

Actually you didn’t. You only shared it in a way that lets us view it but not interact with it. Download the file to your computer and then drag the .skp file into a reply.

[Uploading: …skp…
Man Im really sorry, but i cant find a way to do that

To do what @DaveR is suggesting…Download your model to your hard drive as SKP format = SketchUp file.

Then drag that file into this reply text box and it will upload automatically:

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