Sketchup Projects

Hello everyone,
Can you guys give me some feedback on my sketchup work?
Here is my youtube channel go check it out don’t foget to subscribe if you like it! It would help me a lot!

I looked at your video. Due to the awful cacophony at the beginning and the music that doesn’t really fit the subject, I’m not inclined to look at any others. I can’t tell much about your models. They may be OK. You could use much better textures.

Are the house designs your own? They all look basically the same, a collection of boxes. Nothing very inspiring. Maybe you should study architecture and branch out into some other styles. Broaden your horizons.

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You know what? I’m only 18y/o so I don’t know “everything” about this stuff like you. I’m only making houses for 1year. Everybody his own style and type off music. you know there’s a button where you can put the music off? So you don’t have to listen to it anymore… maybe that will help?

Wasn’t it you who asked for a feedback?

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Yes on the sketchup drawings… not my music not my logo or name

In this case, you should upload the SketchUp file directly and not a video with music, …

You didn’t specify that. You presented a video, not a SketchUp drawing. Share the SKP files and we can give you feedback on them.