My Youtube Channel, Sketchup for Beginner

I would like to introduce to you all my youtube channel especially for sketchup user.

Making a dog House



Botanical House Part 1, The fastest way to modeling with sketchup - easier and more efective

I just started it and I would like to get your opinion on my work.

Thank all…

I’m sorry to say that, but I only watched 3 minutes of your first video and I don’t think it is a good idea for you to make tutorials for beginners, as you will confuse them more than anything else. You are doing many things the wrong way and when we watch you modelling you make sketchup look hard to handle, which clearly isn’t.

It is nice of you to make the effort, but I think you should practice on a few basics first


There is a real art to making good tutorials. You really need to know your subject backwards and have rehearsed what it is you want to show. Everything needs to be clear and concise with a minimum of random movements.
Tutorials for Beginners need to be especially clear, straightforward and unambiguous. Your’s are not. They are mildly interesting vids of someone modelling, but they are not especially good for teaching.

Try making shorter ones for very specific actions and build up from there. One and a half hours is way beyond anyone’s attention span and trying to find the hidden gems in that is near impossible. Also, get rid of the music, took me less than 20 seconds to hit the mute. Unless there is a narration let people listen to what they want to listen to.

Others may disagree with me but you asked for opinions.


Teaching people is the best way for self learning. Don’t be discourage by others to stop making tutorials. Eventually your videos will increase in quality the more you do them but be open to constructive criticism and try to improve on them.

Don’t listen to negative critsm, for example, people that tell you it is bad but don’t tell you what to improve.


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I wouldn’t call it negative but merely constructive.

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I agree with @liamk887. The OP asked for input and got some. It’s dangerous business offering technical training. Stepping out and offering tutorials like this, you are basically presenting yourself as something of an expert. If your tutorials have incorrect information, it can cause new users to develop bad habits, or misinterpret the software or its capabilities.


I agree that there are some rules which users should follow to make good models. But some times it interesting to watch how other people with different professional backgrounds are making same things. Some times I am watching speed modeling video on YouTube to discover something new.

For example Aaron Bishop made series of films on YT about contemporary house modeling SECOND FLOOR - Dramatic Contemporary House Pt. 2 - YouTube . His result is pretty cool but I personally do not like his workflow. I prefer to keep simple geometry pieces in groups (interior walls divided into several groups, exterior walls, floors, etc). Nevertheless, I think that his films are very useful.

I think there are two main things: technique and workflow. There is not enough to learn how all tools are working. People should model more, to improve their workflow. It is not bad to show others how they do it.

Some times it is good to break some rules :wink:


Thank you all for your very constructive inputs on my video. I know I am still a beginner as well, but I do things my way with the same result. I know by sharing my knowledge on SketchUp I also get some feedback on how to do things more efficiently and the right way.


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