Designing the House in SketchUp in 5 parts


Hello! Here is my screencast in 5 parts about how to design the house:

  • Part 1. Starting from 2D plans.
  • Part 2. Making a 3D model.
  • Part 3. Continuing to 3D-modelling.
  • Part 4. Working in Layout.
  • Part 5. Finishing a line drawings.

Enjoy watching! Hope it’d be helpful for you. I am pleased to answer your questions.


I watched your videos and applaud your contribution.

IMO, there is some value for anyone who wants to invest the time to study these, but it may be a frustrating experience for all but the most advanced SketchUp user and advanced users don’t need a tutorial such as this.

I think this tutorial will pose a problem for those who need it the most because it is presented with no voice over that describes what is being done, does not indicate what tools are being called up or identify when or if modifier keys are pressed; and, because the progression from one step to the next is too fast to be understood by most new users.


Thanks for your answer! Actually it isn’t a tutorial. It’s just a screencast which only cover the idea how I work. I agree with you that it’d better if I explained every my step by the voice or subtitles. I think I should write subtitles for this video in order to make it more useful.

Generally that’s my the first video and I want to make a new one as the tutorial in the future. After my English will be better :smile:.


As said before, it’s more a “see what’s possible” than a tutorial, but very nice to see your convincing workflow!