Tutorial on how to make a phone [created by a beginner]

check that out guys some beginners will find it really usefull
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Keep Banging you Head

Banging head though out a hour burns 150 calories so i think you are gonna be lean tomorrow

Your title says “easily” but you clearly make it more difficult than it needs to be. It’s unfortunate because your video is misleading for those who might come along want to really know how to easily draw a phone in SketchUp.

Hi Dave
Suggest an easy methord

I applaud your enthusiasm, but the reality is your videos are not good demonstrations of how to work with sketchup.
If it wasn’t for your “Like and Share” pleadings I would probably have not commented.
But any bad tutorials that get spread though the internet are bad for the everyone.

So please spend some time learning how to use the program correctly before attempting to make any more tutorials.
Tutorials for beginners, as you keeps suggesting yours are for, need to be accurate, concise and to the point.


i saw you channel in youtube too and i knew that that arent the video made by a extremely perfectionist

so i dont think you too are doing a great thing for the viewers

I replied in the OTHER thread where you posted this video:

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My youtube channel has 7 vids, uploaded there as it was the only way for them to work at the time.
I’d happily see your reproduction of any one of them.

i like to highlight the words in your message “the only way for ““THEM to work”” at he time” it clearly stated that those videos weren’t created by yourself but your employees or others who can do better than you


Oh this is great, I could do this for days.

Hmm nice

Let me start by saying that I appreciate your enthusiasm for Learning SketchUp and your desire to share your newfound skills with others. With that said, based on what I can see in your videos you lack a comprehensive understanding of the fastest and most effective ways to use some of the tools. This means that you are, in fact, not showing the simplest or fastest way to do something and as a result you are making things look far more difficult or complex than they need to be.

Next, as others have mentioned, a tutorial video should be simple and demonstrate clear steps, giving the viewer a complete walkthrough of not only how to create a specific object, but why each of the tools used works in the context of the example. Think of it as the difference between saying “This is how to do it” and “This is why we do it this way.”

Additionally as mentioned by others, a voiceover is a excellent way to enhance a tutorial. If you can’t do a voiceover, you can always type out your message in a text editor or set up a powerpoint presentation so the viewer can read along with the video.

Now that the video content is out of the way, let’s move on to your forum conduct. To my knowlage you have not broken any rules but you seem to have a somewhat hostile attitude toward critics. I realize that having someone criticize your work can be difficult but it is the best way to grow as an artist.

Another thing to keep in mind is that antagonizing people on these forums is not a good way to make friends. The SketchUp community tries to be helpful and welcoming, but only as long as you are willing to have a conversation.

Finally, if your intention is to get more subscribers for your channel, these forums are not a good place to do it with tutorial videos.


HI Box
so how you felt when i told bad about your works about in a public forum this is the same way i feel so try to make better videos box and try to correct yourself before you point errors of others

As you stated i ma not hostile towards critics who make good productive criticism
i like the way you criticized and stated the points of fault and the ways in which i should improve
so as per your criticism i will stop punting music and i will put voice over or a typed tutorial

thank you friend for your good mind to say me the problems and errors in my video

and the reason why i am being in the way with box and dave is that they just criticize and tell the video is complex and they just dont state whey they say so. so thank you for the concern over the video
i will surely make better videos from now on