Help creating building plans for a house addition and garage I am modeling

I have built a SketchUp model of our existing 40 year old home (fairly modern) and future garage/studio connected via a sunroom. I’d like to go back now and starting from scratch rebuild the groups and components to more easily visualize our options:

  1. Convert Simple Survey into 3D terrain.

  2. Rebuild existing 1 story house from plans. (I have done this mostly.)

  3. Add a 2 car garage + 2nd floor studio with dormers. Would love help with design.

  4. Add a sunroom connecting the garage to the house. This part is a bit tricky - love help.

  5. Produce plans (Layout) that I can use to get bids from several builders we are considering.

(yes, I have Pro version)

Would prefer someone with good architectural experience.

Please contact me via this forum.

Hi Phil,
I will help you. Please see PM for more details.
Thanks, Vincent

Am interested. Sent you a PM earlier today.
Also, if you have not already read it, you may find Nick Sonder’s book (SketchUp & Layout for Architecture) useful.