Beginner help

Yes, I am a beginner.
Usually I open a new file and draw everything in to practice. Last time I was in here reading I learned to make everything a component. So I am getting that. When I am done with my practice model I begin modeling in earnest, saving components and such.
This is a post and beam model for a house we are building.
First question is there an extension that has lumber for timber framing (not two by 4s)?
How do I show the joinery? Is there an extension for that?
How do I make a knee brace that I can use over and over and flip?
How can I post my actual file here?
The photos I am posting show the foundation and some of the timbers. As well as my attempts to make knee braces.
I am not an engineer and will accept any advice/help offered.
This house started out as a big two story, then I learned what architects charge. Got Sketchup. and tried to go it alone. Got it down to 1200sf, but that and being a 2story is probably a case of biting off more than we can chew(and then I learned what engineers charge). Sigh, so now its a one story, shed roof almost tiny house.
Accomplishments, so you don’t think I am total L.
Ability to export as a pdf.
Copy and pasted into Layout, scaled it and printed it out! This was kind of epic for me, but it was an older iteration so I am starting over.

Uploading a file in a post by:

  • reading the message about the Upload button (when writting a post/reply). It can probably become active only after one or three posts, for beginners;
  • drag & drop the file directly in the message window (files under 15 MB);
  • uploading the file to a file-sharing service (Google Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc.) and adding the link to that file in the post/reply.

Thank you for the lovely video assist. I uploaded two files. Both are practice so not a lot of saved components. And lots of crooked mistakes. So apologies in advance.
and kind regards

okfoundationandtimber.skp (319.4 KB)

OmPractise.skp (4.7 MB)

Start with the basics of SketchUp at Campus -

You are allowed to use components in practice as well. :wink: In fact, you should only use groups and components for all geometry you create.

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Hi again, thank you for the reply. Currently watching what you suggested. Then I will redo everything using groups and components.

Get into the habit of using components rather than groups. There are pluses and minuses for each, but with rare exceptions a component will do everything a group can, with fewer downsides.

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The extension “Timber Framing Extensions” might be what you’re looking for. It’s available in the SU extension warehouse. Another extension that also seems useful for the beginner, “Segal-method Timber Frames”.

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I’ve a bit of progress to share. Way more components with this batch, seven I think.
most of my posts are 8"x8", am I overbuilding? 6"x6" better?
I drew a black line, how do I chop the ends off all?
I went to Extensionland and got some pieces but I need to figure out how to lengthen and customize them. The knee braces I installed are just for looks and are not saved as components. I need them to look a bit better.
Thank you to everyone replying.

PattyFTimberx.skp (388.2 KB)