Shapes coloring


hello i want to know how can i fill like that shape to color it?


The fact that only an outline is drawn shows that SketchUp has not created a Face there. There are multiple reasons why this might happen. The points in the outline might not be all in the same plane. There might be a gap somewhere in the outline. Or, it might simply be necessary to re-trace over one of the Edges to provoke SketchUp into forming the Face. It is not possible to diagnose the actual cause from a picture. If you post the model, one of us can do a more careful analysis.


ye its true. the end point is not in the same level [Plane] but i want it like that :smile: MyProject ;).skp (131.9 KB)

ok here is the model attached :slight_smile:


From the angle in the attached screenshot it is easy to see that the outline is far from planar. SketchUp can not create a single Face for such a shape. Instead you will have to break it up into a collection of planar subfaces and smooth the Edges between them. There are plugins that can do this, but for learning purposes it might be best to try drawing lines between vertices of the outline to create triangular subfaces. When you have triangulated the entire surface, use the eraser tool while holding ctrl (alt on Mac) to soften the edges



thanx for your help bro <3 i got it