Sketchup via web. a few questions please

Doing some modeling from work. Never used web version.
First. Can’t seem to locate color choice in the paint bucket menu. How to?
Second. How do I get the following model to fill in the four top panels of this post cap?
It does not seem to want to fill the panels due to the curved edges involved. Nothing I do seems to help.
What is the technique? The .jpeg in the model is from home depot’s site.
Fence III (1).skp (266.4 KB)

Thanks so much for the help.

Okay, I am not an expert on this but I took a look at your file. The reason you cannot get the model to fill the top shapes is that they are not complete. There is a gap some where and so the model does not recognise it as a shape to fill. Draw a line across the triangular shape further up on any side and you will find that the space is now filled with a face. So the issue is lower down. I suspect if you draw a few of these lines across the shape they will fill until you get to the part of the shape which has a gap. its likely to be on the curves.
Now re the second issue. if you click on a face and then go to Entity info, you will find that the options here show a material. if you click on this you will find several default colors to choose. if you want more then select the face and go to the materials icon on the right hand side of your screen. materials can be colors as well as textures

The curved corners are the reason faces won’t form on the top. A face must be planar, and the rounding of the corners goes out of plane with the sloping edges. You could try extending the sloping lines out farther to where their ends are in plane, forming the top surfaces, and then using intersect with to trim the top back to the curves. That will produce planar top faces with complicated trimming at each bottom corner.

last night after fiddlng around some more I was able to get the ‘follow me’ tool to do 98 percent of what I needed with a bit of trimming. I’ll put an example up later.