How to Fill in a Surface

Hi Everyone,

I’m relatively new to sketchup, so forgive me if this is a simple problem.

I’ve been designing a climbing wall using sketchup, and I’m having an issue with a curved section of my wall. I can’t get it to fill in correctly, even though it looks like all the corners are connecting properly.

Is there any way I can force these sections to fill in?


Shed Build V2.skp (352.8 KB)

Maybe this will help?

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Click in sequence on the Scenes tabs of this SketchUp (SU) file for ideas.

Shed Build V2.skp (414.4 KB)

BTW, you have many inverted faces in your model. In SketchUp, each surface has a front face and a back face.

Use Monochrome mode and make sure that they are all oriented correctly. Then you can paint them.

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Ok! Thank you both, I’ll check out the video, and the model you sent back.

I didn’t realize that I had inverted the faces, or that that was a thing, so thank you for letting me know! I’ll get those adjusted.

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