Is there a way to fill a spline after I outline the shape I want?

I’m modeling something and I know the exterior shape I want it to be. I used a combination of the line tool and the 2-point arc tool to make the shape I drew. How do I fill this spline so I can push-pull it to give it volume? Is that possible, or should I use a different approach to model this shape?

If the outline is two dimension, all the endpoints lie in the same plane, a face should form when you close the loop of edges. If that doesn’t happen you’ll need to investigate the geometry. Share the .skp file and we can give you some better guidance.

As for a different approach, some users find it is helpful to start with a large rectangle and draw the outline on it. Then erase the unneeded parts or the rectangle leaving just the desired shape.

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Ray Gun.skp (1.6 MB)

Very small edges stop faces forming.
GIF 26-08-2023 12-34-33 AM


Thanks you truly rock