Help with shapes

I drew a guitar body using the tools and drawing. However only a portion of it really became a shape. The remaining portion has no inner content. The shape is there but it does nothing.

That implies that either the loop of the shape isn’t closed or not all the edges lie on the same plane. If you would upload the SketchUp file, we could look and tell you what the problem is exactly.

custom guitar 1 nick1.skp (48.7 KB)

I checked that all the lines were connected. I even cut and pasted it to check it better.

Thanks for your help.

The loop isn’t actually closed. I opened the component for editing. The gray edges in the corner are not part of the component.

Also, if you select the component you’ll see its bounding box has height. That indicates that the edges are no on the same plane.

So for both reasons, the shape won’t fill with a face.

I fixed it for you.

custom guitar 1 nick1.skp (100.6 KB)

Instead of redrawing the curves so they’d be planar, I used an extension to project the edges onto a large rectangle. In the future, you would probably find it easier to start with a large face onto which you can draw the outline of the guitar body. This will make it easier to keep all the edges on plane.

With the Profile edges set heavy as you have them, you’ll know you’ve completed a planar loop of lines by the change in the weight of the outline.


Thanks so much such a big help