Guitar Neck Drawing in Sketchup


I want to draw a guitar neck in sketchup, I search some model in 3d warehouse but don’t know how to create it in sketchup. Would anybody help to show how can I draw the junction part of the guitar head of the neck, thanks.


I think the one you have made already looks good. Maybe work to smooth it out a little bit and have the head a bit closer in alignment with the neck?


Sorry, that the above model is not built by me but search and copy from 3d Warehouse. I need to build one like this by myself. Thanks


Do you have access to Adobe Illustrator or another 2D vector drawing software (and know a little bit how to use it?). If so a good starting point is to create and import some 2D plans to base the model on.


It looks like the head would be a simple 2d extrusion (push/pull) and the neck would be an extruded soul tapered using scale. The ends are connected using a simple lift. Check out curviloft from Fredo6.


You can find Fender’s original plans for the Sttratocaster on the Internet, which will give you all the dimensions you need and then some. I know from experience that modeling a guitar neck is extremely difficult. For me, the hardest part was making the transition from the thick block next to the body to the curved and tapered main section of the neck. It might help to go to a musical-instrument store and look at some real guitars. If the store allows it, take some photos that you can use to help build the model. As TheOnlyAaron says, a lofting program like Curviloft will be your best friend. You’ll probably have to run an Intersect Faces command, too, so use the Dave Method for that.


Thanks for the above’s all response, yes, I have the plan and dimension of fender neck and the most difficult technique is transition of the head stock and the neck. I will take a look at the curviloft extension and see whether I can handle it.


Post back here if you get stuck l, vertex tools may help with nailing the connection between the two wants you have intersected the two groups. Then a sub division plugin to smooth it all out maybe?


Not sure if this helps, but If you know the dimensions you can intersect both profiles, one from top view and another one from one side.
Something like this: example_neck.skp (1.2 MB)


Thanks Spawn2k99, this method did not work as the neck itself is a half tubular like and with a half circle end face and it transit to a rectangular face of the headstock. It should use a loft concept to join it. I try the curviloft last night and it seems to work. I will draw the whole neck according to the actual dimension and scale and may post the final file here.