Source for 2D Stratocaster and neck line drawing?

Can anyone point me to a free 2D Stratocaster line drawing (preferably a DXF/ DWG) for kid’s project?
(I can find 3D models, but I need something “flattened” into 2D).


Google images for Fender Stratocaster. That’s what I did several years ago, when I wanted to model the guitar. My search yielded Fender’s working drawings, which I could easily trace over. But fair warning: There are several neck styles for a Strat, and all are wicked hard to model.

Thank you.
I have Vcarve Pro, but even with that, I have not yet mastered getting smooth arc tracings…
Thank you again.

Curves in SketchUp are always going to be made up of segments; they aren’t one smooth line. You can increase the number of segments to make the arcs seem smoother. And if you’re using SketchUp Pro, you can export a file as DXF or DWG.

Just getting the arcs fair and remotely faithful to the original image is the stopper…
Illustrator was good for this but I know longer have that software…

When you export a DWG or DXF as a 3D model from SketchUp Pro, you get true arcs instead of line segments.

There are some plugins for SketchUp that let you draw Bezier curves. Look in the Extension Warehouse, under the Window tab. The SketchUp arc tools draw segments of a circle.

FWIWstratocaster.skp (4.0 MB)

Thanks David!
Now I just need to flatten this (to CNC out of .plywood).
Do you know of a way to create a 2D drawing of this?
Thanks again.

I was able to flatten this by exporting as 2D.
I only want the outline of the neck and body however…
What’s the best way to do this an clean up/ join all the broken arcs/ segments?


Being as we are on the SketchUp forum, I would recommend using SketchUp :wink:

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If you just want the outline, here is a quick eyeballed one.

Flat strat.skp (32.1 KB)

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Wow thanks!
You’ve got a far better eyeball than I do!
I’ll send you pics after the class if the plan comes together.
Thanks again.