Can't make solid faces

Recently started on SketchUp Web to design guitars in 3D, and it was a fairly simple learning curve, but since upgrading to Pro about a week ago, I’m having a devil of a time doing things that came naturally in the Web version, like having the faces become solid when joined. I have no doubt that it’s something so simple that I’m overlooking, but I’ve gone through every pulldown menu and still can’t seem to get the faces to appear solid so that I can use the Push/Pull or FollowMe commands to get to 3D. As you can see, a few of the faces did, in fact, become solid, but not the rest. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and explain it like I’m a five year old if you must. I won’t get offended. Thanks in advance.
6 string single cut bass build.skp (91.7 KB)

I haven’t found the cause, but indeed SketchUp failed to create faces for many of your areas. You can repair it by tracing over an edge using the line tool. To set up the animation below, I first edited the style to have a pale yellow background color because that makes it obvious where faces do or do not exist. Then I trace edges and you can see that faces are formed. Note that there are some reversed faces at the top of the neck (gray-blue color) and these affect the adjacent face when it fills in.

fix faces

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I thought of retracing things to ensure that it completely closes, but I was worried that I’d somehow have to do it for the curves too, which were a pain in the behind. That’s a huge help. Thank you so much for your time.

How did you draw the thing to start with?

One thing I would suggest is model the overall guitar body and make it 3D before you start adding the front details. Same with the neck. I would make the separate parts of the guitar as components or groups.

I would also suggest modeling with the camera set to Perspective. Save Parallel Projection if you need to export images or create patterns, etc.