Convert faces to a solid

I started by creating a rectangle. Then used the push/pull tool to extrude the rectangle into a cube-like 3D shape. So I now have 6 faces. How do I convert these 6 faces into a solid? Just starting; help appreciated.

Select all of that geometry and make it a group or component. If there are no stray edges, holes in surfaces, or internal faces it should show the component or group as “solid”.

Keep in mind that SketchUp is a surface modeler so there won’t be anything inside the skin of the box.

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geometry selected; Entity Info indicated “18 Entities” (must be 12 edges and 6 faces). Don’t know how to “make it a group or component”.

Press G to make a component or right click on it and choose Make Group or Make Component.
Screenshot - 1_22_2021 , 10_27_34 AM

Super! Thank you.

Here’s a further overview of what makes a Solid

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Very helpful. thx

Although do be careful about Sketchup terminology. SU is a surface modeller, so a “solid” is actually a series of conjoined surfaces enclosing a void. Just like “lines” are actually edges. Solid in this context just means that it is watertight.

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