Convert a (surface) to (face) and (solid group) to (group)

hello, how can I convert a (surface) to (face) and the corresponding (solid group) to (group), help me if you know?


Do you have examples ? maybe a sketchup file containing (surfaces) you want to make as (faces) and (solid groups) you want to make as (groups) ?

Because right now, I don’t think I fully understand what you mean.

Surfaces can be either one single faces or, at times, a set of several faces softened. think cylindre, it’s several softened faces that make one surface.
in that case, making a surface a single face is not possible.

Solid groups, on the other hands, are already groups. they are better than groups even.
but if you REALLY want a solid group to become a normal one, just open it and trace a small extra stray line somewhere. it’ll do it just fine

by the way, could you please correct your forum profile ? it says your OS is 2021, but what we need to know is PC or mac (and the version if you have it). because at times answers will differ between them.

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In the model that I uploaded, while the frames on the edges can be modified, with the tool (offset) as long as they are selected, in the middle sections, any modification is impossible, how can I modify them?
project a.skp (6.0 MB)

Ι work on a portable calculator, the edition SketchUp Pro 2021.0 21.0.339 Win 64-bit.

Perhaps best to start here:

well again, they are not one face but several softened.
you could show hidden geometry (view menu) to see them. but no, you can’t make them ONE face because… well they aren’t coplanar. they can’t become a single face, otherwise they would be.

Capture d’écran 2023-11-12 à 12.52.55

To understand the face / group / flat / softened thing, you might indeed check the link bmike posted.

there are extensions that can do that though, thinking of “tools on surface” and “joint push pull” by Fredo6. they won’t merge your many faces into one, but they will allow you to draw and edit in a certain limit.

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Clear explanation and to the point, I will try what I can do with the extensions you mention, thanks for the interest!