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Hi Everyone,
I’m fairly new to Sketchup, and am trying to help some Interior Design Students export from Sketchup as a FBX and then open the files in Unreal Engine.
I need to be able to batch select all individual faces in a model, and make them into individual groups: 1 face=1group.

I have been selecting each face, and making it a group by hand; but this takes ages!

Is there an easy way/script to do this?
Thanks in advance!

Select all of the geometry [faces] you want processing.
Anything that’s not a face is ignored, so you don’t need to be too careful.
Copy+paste all of this code into the Ruby Console + enter.
Each face is made into a group.
It’s one-step undo-able.

m=Sketchup.active_model;a=m.active_entities;m.start_operation('f2g',true);c=0;m.selection.grep(Sketchup::Face).each{|f|a.add_group(f);c+=1};m.commit_operation;puts "Made #{c} face groups";

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Thankyou very much Tig, I will give this a try now :slight_smile:

Hi Tig,
It worked perfectly! Thankyou very much!
Is there a way to turn that code into a button that I can use from within sketchup?
I can imagine that they would miss parts of the code etc if I just gave them a copy and paste solution!


Step 1 is to run the code in the Console as you have already done.

Step 2 could be saving the snippet in a text file with the extension being .rb (ruby) and load it by entering “load ‘the path to the file’” in the console.

Step 3 is to create a plugin. For this the functionality of the code needs to be wrapped in a method that can be run at any given time, not just immediately when the script is loaded. Then you can create a button using the Toolbar class ( to run the method once the button is being pressed. Place this text file in the plugin directory for it to be loaded when SketchUp starts.

Step 4 is to wrap the plugin into an Extension (

When finishing step 4 you have become a SketchUp extension developer!

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Thanks Eneroth3,
I didn’t realise I could just change the extension to make the .rb file.
I used the toolbar editor plugin to make a button, but I will follow your guide, as I think that it makes more sense.

I like the idea of being a sketchup extension developer, but without people like yourself, and TIG, I doubt I would stand a chance!
I’ll give it a go over the next few days, and report back.


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