SketchUp 22 Group Editing

I’m using SU '22 (but my question spans across all versions.)
I’m modeling a house. The floor and the walls are seperate groups.
When I modify the walls, it creates a second “floor”, because SU sees 4 lines in a rectangle and puts a face there. I then have to manually delete it each time.
Is there a way to stop this happening?

Draw (or offset a corner line) two lines vertical on the wall, then PushPull.

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I mean I suppose that’d work, but I like doing it my way.
Is there not a setting I can change? Like turn off “auto-create faces?”

No. There’s not. SketchUp is a face modeler.

Delete the unwanted face or change your workflow as @mihai.s suggested.

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I already gave you the idea, you can copy a horizontal line, offset that, then draw a line between the two, and pushpull.


or (but only as an idea that this could be done even in this way)


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Okay thanks.

Or use more grouping.