Drawing between multiple groups

When I delete a line in the boundary with two groups it happen to delete part of the model. I can’t find a way to delete from one side and save the other part of my model. Could someone help me ?

I’m sure we could help you if you could show us a sample of what you’re trying to do. Perhaps you could upload a SKP file?

This is the file of my model. The problem I have is in the proximity of the stairs. The stairs is a group and the two floors are different groups too. How can I delete a line between the floors, without deleting part of a group ? Thanks in advance for your help

I don’t see the file.

Via Aleardi.skp (541.8 KB)
I’m sorry, here is the file

Instead of erasing or deleting the edges, hide them. Hold Shift while clicking on them with the Eraser tool.

You need to keep the edges because they are required to define the edges of the faces they bound. Hiding them will keep the edges but make them invisible.

Thank You Dave,

I didn’t know that ! Thought, In same case I saw this resolve my problem. In same case, still, I’m not able to delete some line. This happen with the line between the floors, in the stair wall. The two portions of the wall are of different colour too. Does this line continue to be visible ?
I appreciate very much your collaboration

Do you mean these faces?

These are reversed faces. If you select them and right click on them, you can choose Reverse Faces from the Context menu.

If you’re seeing light edges as in this image, you’re actually seeing the face on the top of the lower wall. If you hide the top faces on the wall (and also hide the bottom faces on the upper wall, those lines will disappear, too.

Thanks Dave !!
Now It’s very clear ! I would have never arrived by myself, I’m afraid …
We saw the horizontal faces inside the wall ! You guess …
I owe you a lot, thanks a lot


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