Edit Components in a group


Is it possible to erase part of the line in a group? Can’t find any help items about it.

Thank you!

Right click on the group and choose Edit Group or double click on it with Select or select it and press Enter to open it for editing. Then do what you need,

Thank you, but this erases the entire line. I only want part of the line erased - the one that is in the way of the door swing.

You need to give more details, then. Upload the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

You can only erase an entire edge. You must draw a temporary extra edge to break it then erase the unwanted fragments.

You can work on the edge when being in the same context (the group’s editing context).
There are several ways to split an edge:

    1. right click on the edge and select ‘Divide’
    1. “add” one extre endpoint between start and end endpoint by drawing an edge from one end on top of the existing edge.
    1. “add” two extra endpoints by drawing an edge somewhere over part of the existing edge
  1. you manipulate the number of segments with the cursor or by input.
  2. and 3) use the ‘Line’ tool and if needed, input the length of the desired superimposing edge.