Erase line segment that intersects with lines in a group

I have a group that contains a “wall” with a “window” opening. I drew a rectangle on top of the wall that intersects with the window. I would like to remove only the portion of the line that blocks the “window” with the eraser tool, but the eraser tool erases the entire top line.

This is a simplified example of what I actually want to do, which is to trim extruded rectangular “molding” that would intersect with the window. Is there any way to clue the eraser tool into the fact that there are lines in the group I want the tool to pay attention to?

example.skp (65.4 KB)

Basically the rectangle is outside the context of the group and so doesn’t interact with the geometry of the group, so the simple answer is draw in the part you want to remove.
GIF 3-08-2022 11-15-31 PM

But I’m guessing you want to do something a bit more complex and that would probably be done using one of the Intersect faces with … options.
If you have a more complex example we could probably show you something more relevant.

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Thanks so much @Box. Yes, here’s a representation of the actual scenario. I am copying existing “molding” and I don’t want to recreate the object from scratch. Ideally I would just drag the eraser tool across the portion of the “molding” that intersects with the “window.”

Untitled.skp (70.8 KB)

You have to create the edges that divide it somehow.
GIF 3-08-2022 11-30-29 PM

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