Erase part of line

Is it possible to erase part of a line ? I can only erase the whole line.
Ie use the eraser like a pen so it just erases the part it touches.


Draw a line perpendicular, or any angle really, at the point you wish to break it, delete the bit you wish to delete then delete the extra line.

Great thanks, it worked !

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Something people forget or let themselves be confused by, everything is just edges and faces, no magic, a face will form if the edges join and are planar. If not planar then a diagonal will generally fix it. Edges can be broken, welded, curved(segmented), at the basic level it is all very simple.

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You can only erase part of a line in a raster image…like in Photoshop. SU is a vector program and all lines are defined by a start coordinate and an end coordinate so, no, you can’t just erase part of it… What Box effectively advised you to do is add another mid-way coordinate to act as a new start or end. You can also achieve the same result by drawing over the existing line with a new one that is the required length, then delete the bit you don’t need.

…or use the Move Tool on one of the vertices of the edge.

Both of which are the same thing, but it is easier to explain the edge throwing off to the side.

While very true is is a different step in the learning process.

Or use the Divide function in the right-click context menu when an edge is selected.

This is a nice solution if the desired portion of the original edge happens to be a nice fraction of the edge (1/3rd of it, or 4/9ths of it, or etc.)

Oh come on, the question is how to use a pencil, pick up the eraser and rub out the bit you don’t want.
Not delve into mathematics or unneeded functions.