Can't erase small bits of a line

Sketchup Pro: How can I just trim rather than erase overdrawn lines. When I try to trim a line the whole line is erased. Also, how do trim works. I’ve tried that but to no avail. How can you trim lines when they intersect another line. Is there a way to extend lines that are short of reaching another line.

It would help if you share an example file that shows what you are working with. An edge isn’t really “overdrawn” unless it actually goes past an intersecting line. If it does intersect a crossing edge, it will be broken at the intersection and you would be able to erase one segment. If erasing the “overdrawn” part erases the rest of the edge, it isn’t intersected by another edge.

Are you referring to the Trim tool in the Solid Tools set? It works on solid groups and components only. In order for a group or component to be solid it needs to be 3D and must have no holes, stray edges or internal faces. The Trim tool is not intended to trim overdrawn edges.

Move the endpoint of an edge A-B to extend this edge towards where it intersects the (virtually extended) other line C-D. How?

  • with nothing selected but the ‘Move’ tool hover over edge A-B till ‘On Ege’ pops up at the cursor. Now hold down [Shift] to constrain moving along A-B
  • still with [Shift] down grab A and move it towards directiion C-D or virtually extended C-D.
    With the cursor (while dragging A) on C-D click on C-D.
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I love the fact that I can learn new things on this forum despite having used the software for years.

If I want to move an endpoint, I generally select it and move it. That works fine on axis but not off it. If I want to do it off axis, I have generally placed a construction line along it first. But using the @g.h.hubers method saves having to do that (and erasing it afterwards).

I know, I know, how could I have got this far without being aware. Doh!

BTW, the words

are crucial. If you have anything else selected, you will be moving the whole selection.


I’m not liking your Doh! moment. We all have them.
I liked the fact that you say you learned something new. Makes my day!


What is A-B. and C-D? Are they lines? How do I know which is which? Can you stretch a line to reach another to be intersected. I guess this is basic, but I’m still fighting with what I know of Autocad that have been using for around 50 years. This is my first overture in Sketchup. I wish that the many operations in Autocad be used in ketchup, at least that what pertains to lines. Has some thought has been given to this?

There have been a few people over the years who have wanted SketchUp to work exactly like AutoCAD. They are different, though, and you just need to get used to the differences.

I would ask why you have the overruns and gaps. How did those occur in your model?

A-B and C-D are supposed to represent line segments (edges in SketchUp) that’s common notation from basic geometry.

Geometry terms

A-B and C-D are just two random taken coplanar edges. A&B and C&D are the names I gave to refer to their endpoints, nothing else. Since the are in the same plane you can have them intersected That was what you are after. Try again with my previous post please.

Slick trick, like Simon, I learned something new today.

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