Help! Lines and more Beginner

Hi, I am a graphic designer student and have to design a stand.
I have so many problems but for now I need to know how to fix this.
When I erase that (1), the entire rectangle dissapears (2). The same with the other lines, part of a circle.

Shift+E to “erase” lines where just the eraser will cause the surface to break. Hold the shift key down while erasing.
Ctrl+E to “erase” lines and soften the surface, especially if it is curved. Hold the ctrl key down while erasing.

Someone else may be able to explain it better than I can… and might even be able to make a short animation for you.

You can also find many nice SU tutorials on YouTube.

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I think on the first picture you are running a rectangle into a cylinder and you want to get rid of that extra face inside the cylinder? First you have to select the face and choose “intersect faces / with model” from the contextual menu. Then that inside face will be cut from the rest of the rectangle by the cylinder faces (and vice versa the cylinder faces will be cut, If they are in the same “context”–group, component, model etc.). Then you can erase that edge and the inside face, deprived of a side will disappear but the rest of the rectangle will stil have the edges it needs, along the cylinder faces, to stay in place.
If you have used intersect faces and it didn’t work, then there is something that has to be figured out in that model. You’d have to share the model for someone else to see what is happening.

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