Simple Question? Eliminating Line Removes A Face


Learning Sketchup. I suspect I will be learning for a long time.

I have this shape, created by creating a rectangle then adding a 2 point arc to the edge closest the viewer. I erased the line on the red axis (the top face) and it created a single object. I was able to pull the uunit as a whole.

I’m trying now to get rid of the vertical lines where the arc joins the rectangle on the side faces. Erasing the line though results in the rectangular face to disappear.


Hold Ctrl while clicking on the edge with the Eraser.

The edge is required to create the faces on either side of it. Ctrl+Eraser will soften the edge so it isn’t visible but still does its job.

Alternatively, you can triple click on the shape with Select, then right click on the selection and choose Soften/Smooth from the Context menu. This will soften all of those edges around the curved surface in one go.


That worked wonderfully. Thank you Dave!